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What are People Experiencing?

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"Yesterday afternoon I did another Psych-K session with Pam McLellan online.


I was so blown away that I could feel my body tingling all over... like my body was re-organizing circuits inside. It was a process that was working independently of my thinking process.  We used the process to get to a core belief… and then what happened started rebooting on its own. Today I feel very, very different…  in a good way. In a sensational way. In an unfamiliar way... 

I have always felt like I’ve been had my right foot on the gas pedal and my left foot on the brake. I don’t feel that anymore. Those things have cleared up... The fact that there is something like PSYCH K that can go directly to the source of the mis-programming and  reprogram it effectively is striking awe in my psyche." 

   ~ Udana Power, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Actor

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"My little CEO Bella!! Omg miracles beyond miracles have happened. So it’s a long story but little Bella (4 pounds) was jumped by another dog and almost died. She had a MRI during that time and was diagnosed with three diseases!!! 


From the moment she was diagnosed, I knew in my soul that it wasn’t right. The doctors  put her on steroids and said she would need them for life. No!!!! No!!!!!! No!!!!!! Was all I heard. But I kept going to new doctors trying to confirm what my higher self knew. They all said the same thing. I paid them thousands and thousands of dollars. Yet My soul knew, my baby wasn’t supposed to be on those medicines. I kept searching for help.

A couple things. First of all, I did two Psych-K sessions, one for Bella and one for me. 

After those sessions, I saw dramatic HUGE transformation in Bella. It helped remove the stored trauma from Bella and myself. It was only after those sessions that Bella started to play again, to sleep on her back again, to want to be touched again, to run the beach again!! My gratitude for Pam is eternal. I highly recommend her work if you are dealing with any stuck emotions or trauma!!

~~~ update~~~

Pam, the most amazing miracles are happening over here! First, Bella went for a walk on the beach with a BIG dog and me and we had so much fun. She was running and playing. It was amazing. Also she has been asking to be pet more. This is very new. She never liked to be pet - not even before the injury - she also has been rolling over and giving me her belly. Again, she never did this. Even last night she slept next to me (always sleeps at the end of the bed!) and slept on her back with her belly exposed. In dog language this is her telling me she feels peaceful and safe. I am truly blown away by her behavior and energy right now. I would love to schedule another session with you soon regarding her barking in the hotel rooms. I would LOVE more than anything for her to be able to travel with me again. I hate leaving her behind all the time." ~ Ronda Coallier, Entrepreneur

Video by Alicia Saddoris, an entrepreneur - personal trainer who  competes in elite body building competitions

Alicia S Testimonial

Alicia S Testimonial

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Listen to what happened for one client, Tina B after her first session: this is quite a story -- synchronicity in the most surprising ways! 


"I was born and raised in Mexico loving the sun! Since my recent move to Eugene I have been suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  The overcast and "grey" triggered a depression that keeps me in bed/couch for days at a time. (I had no energy to even shower, much less leave the house.) Vitamin D, light therapy, and family support was helpful. 


I had ONE SESSION with Pam thinking it might help a little too, but never expected an overnight solution?!  THE NEXT DAY after my session I woke up feeling not only energized but also happy and empowered!  I actually wanted to be out in the "grey" to appreciate the feeling of gratitude for grey clouds!  Thank you Pam for helping me create" Greyfullness" in my life!"  ~T Murphy, Eugene, OR 

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“This has been enlightening and you took me places I hadn’t gone before. There’re some dots I connected. It makes more sense to me and  now I question things without a limiting frame around them and it was very helpful. Thank you, Pam!”

   ~ Sunny Wood, Macs ’N More Design & Photography

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Pam is wonderful, knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She provided a truly safe and nurturing space for me to trust and allow the work and processes to flow and resolve my problem. She is a great listener, completely understood me and was able to truly get to the “Bulls Eye” of my core issue that needed to be worked on now, knew exactly how to address it, and how to resolve it. I feel so happy, relieved and am looking forward to working on more things that will enrich my life. 

It is profound, immediate and fun! ~ Marian Hansen, Insurance Agent

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Pam has a remarkable ability to tune into animals. Her skillful facilitation transformed a very scary situation. My daughter’s dog had bitten several people and we couldn’t figure out why.  Pam tuned into him energetically and asked the right questions. This uncovered the source of the problem--trauma when he was a puppy. The dog now feels a sense of safety so that he can protect the family without biting. Pam is a treasure! She’s warm, caring and simply a delight to work with. ~ Elizabeth Wangler, Boulder, Co

“I’m calling to give a vocal testimony for my most recent, awesome, very first PSYCH-K session. At first I was very nervous on what to expect, but I made sure to keep an open mind about it.I truly believe everything happens for a reason. With that being said, one of my major goals was to open the door to receive money in return for me creating music which I truly have fun and I love doing.


It’s been around 90 days since the session, and I happen to just reflect on my life and I realized that I’m actually doing it! And that I’ve made that triple, quadruple, mega whatever, beyond the investment I paid for the session.  I’m extremely grateful to have crossed paths with you, and of course, I will be booking another session as soon as possible. Thank you for everything again." ~ Samuel Jackson, Musician

Lacey came into our lives as a stray 9 years ago. She was about two at the time. We were looking for a dog and she needed a home. I’ve always thought of her as our gift from the Universe. She became ours instantly and is simply a valued member of our family. The down side to this is she came with a fierce aggression and always on high alert, especially to anything on four legs. She has always been so gentle and connected with people, but that aggression to other animals has been a serious threat. We keep her isolated from other animals which can be awkward.

The three of us spent 40 minutes on a zoom call to facilitate Psych-K. You asked her for permission and through me as surrogate, we went into the process without hesitation. She seems so much calmer now, and though she may react out of habit, is quick to respond to suggestions from us and we have some positive behaviour changes.

TNow for the interesting part. I, too, am calmer. The days since our meeting, I’ve noticed a more peaceful approach to my days. I’ve noticed events that used to trigger me, simply don’t anymore. It’s quite amusing.  Borrowed Benefits. I'm so grateful. ~ Dolores Ramsbottom, Certified Holistic Practitioner/Life Coach

~~~ update ~~~​

Less than 2 weeks after (my dog) Lacey's session with you, she is more like a puppy than she's been for years. She enjoys playing again and acts like she's gone back 5 years in her health and energy. She used to take off after rabbits. Now she stops when I call her --she'd never stop before. ~ Harry Ramsbottom, Networker and Coach

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