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What are People Experiencing?

"Yesterday afternoon I did another Psych-K session with Pam McLellan online.


I was so blown away that I could feel my body tingling all over... like my body was re-organizing circuits inside. It was a process that was working independently of my thinking process.  We used the process to get to a core belief… and then what happened started rebooting on its own. Today I feel very, very different…  in a good way. In a sensational way. In an unfamiliar way... 

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I have always felt like I’ve been had my right foot on the gas pedal and my left foot on the brake. I don’t feel that anymore. Those things have cleared up... The fact that there is something like PSYCH K that can go directly to the source of the mis-programming and  reprogram it effectively is striking awe in my psyche." 

   ~ Udana Power, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Actor

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"My little CEO Bella!! Omg miracles beyond miracles have happened. So it’s a long story but little Bella (4 pounds little) was jumped by another doggie July 2017 and went into severe shock and inflammation and almost died. She had a MRI during that time and was diagnosed with three diseases!!! She had, blah, blah, blah (three long and very scary disease names). So, from the moment she was diagnosed, I knew in my soul that it wasn’t right. They - those doctors - put her on steroids and said she would need them for life. No!!!! No!!!!!! No!!!!!! Was all I heard. But I kept going to new doctors trying to confirm what my higher self knew, they all said the same thing. Blah, blah, blah. I paid them thousands and thousands of dollars. Yet my soul knew. My soul knew, my baby wasn’t supposed to be on those medicines that would kill her. I kept searching for help.


... A couple things. First of all, I also did a Psych K session, two actually, one for Bella and one for me - both with Pam - the most amazing facilitator ever. After those sessions, I saw dramatic HUGE transformation in Bella. It helped remove the stored trauma from Bella and myself. It was only after those sessions that Bella started to play again, to sleep on her back again, to want to be touched again, to run the beach again!! My gratitude for Pam is eternal. I highly recommend her work if you are dealing with any stuck emotions or trauma!!

~~~ update~~~

Pam, the most amazing miracles are happening over here! First, Bella went for a walk on the beach with a BIG dog and me and we had so much fun. She was running and playing. It was amazing. Also she has been asking to be pet more. This is very new. She never liked to be pet - not even before the injury - she also has been rolling over and giving me her belly. Again, she never did this. Even last night she slept next to me (always sleeps at the end of the bed!) and slept on her back with her belly exposed. In dog language this is her telling me she feels peaceful and safe. I am truly blown away by her behavior and energy right now. I would love to schedule another session with you soon regarding her barking in the hotel rooms. I would LOVE more than anything for her to be able to travel with me again. I hate leaving her behind all the time." 

~~Ronda Coallier, Entrepreneur

Video by Alicia Saddoris, an entrepreneur and personal trainer who  competes in elite body building competitions