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It's about living to the fullest, having active friends who are also business partners and finding adventures everywhere. Health, mindset and the freedom to afford adventures are what I call Joyful Abundance!


A quick update:  I recently moved back to the East Coast after a dozen years in Oregon. More than seven of those years were in my custom designed tiny house on wheels. It was a spectacular lifestyle. With major hiking trails less than half a mile from my home and a large productive garden, I got out into the woods nearly every day. I was active with environmental groups and people who are focused on making the world a safer and more inclusive space for humans and nature.


 Since cross-country travel was cut out with the pandemic, it just made sense to move closer to to my amazing grown children and grandkids so we can reconnect easily and frequently. Family is important and it became more obvious when those visits were not possible, nor easy.

It's time to open a new chapter and see what the universe has in store for me. Always an exciting journey into the unknown


Every experience of my life is connected to the common thread runs through all of us. We are tied together in wonderful and generous ways. It's time to calm the chaos, become centered and see how we can contribute and collaborate for the greatest benefit of all.

~ ~ ~

My favorite activity is hiking combined with long solo road trips. When I moved to Oregon, I felt an energetic grounding with the earth and lush old forests. Desert hiking and camping are great, but when I get back into the moist woods I breathe freely. Of course, there's the rugged, rocky, spectacular Oregon, Washington and California different from where I grew up in the East. Every place has its unique beauty.

Downsizing to a tiny house on wheels (8 x 22 feet) with a sleeping loft is so comfortable and simple. Choosing a great architect/builder makes all the difference in how airy and open a small space can feel. Everything is designed around the needs of my two very active cats. You'll see them, as well as tiny house living, in blog posts...

Working from home provides the freedom to get outside, garden, travel, volunteer with local environmental groups, hike with other enthusiasts, and keep exploring new interests and friendships.

Because I believe prevention is the best tactic, I'm proactive in my health and choose mentors and scientists who developed supplements and systems that I completely trust. It's a lifestyle that allows me to do the things I love, no matter how many years I accumulate. We know that attitudes and beliefs influence our health -- our genes are a small part of our health, so there's a lot we can do to take care of ourselves. 

Years ago I met Bruce Lipton, author and stem cell biologist, and I've followed his lead in discovering PSYCH-K®. I was blown away by how I could effectively remove the triggers from traumatic events in my life! So I started on that addition to holistic nutrition and being a Certified Life Coach. They all fitted in together.  When I look back at my previous work in museums, colleges, and public libraries, I reflect on how much I enjoyed the work -- but not the work situations. And, I almost always needed a side gig to make ends meet.

Combining PSYCH-K®, Zallevo and life coaching, balances my life in a way I never anticipated. One of my mentors, says that if you find something that benefits you, you have a duty to share it.  That's what I'm doing and it brings me joy to do so!

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